Tuesday, July 09, 2013

More Dreams...

I have been going back and forth about doing a post on Wade Robson's molestation allegations against Michael Jackson . Honestly, I feel like a have some sort of loyalty to Michael because I have had dreams and visions of him and mostly all of them warn me when something chaotic will happen regarding his children or just down here on Earth regarding his life. I have decided to forgo any post about Robson and his allegations out of some respect for Michael's spirit.

I had a very chaotic dream about Michael last night. In a way I saw it as a warning for me not to post anything about the new molestation allegations, but it was so aggressive that I don't remember much at all. I just remember seeing the colors red, white and blue. As I said before, I really only dream of Michael when something bad is going to go down. All I can do is pray for his family. That's all!

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