Thursday, July 18, 2013

Has Keri Washington Found True Love?! 

Kerry Washington up and got married to American Football player Nnamdi Asomugha last month. There is a bit of an age difference but who cares. Anyway, unfortunately this marriage won't be lasting very long. I tried to be positive and think positive but facts are facts. I don't feel like in the long run that their love will be everlasting. I feel like there feelings for each other will wane over time. I personally feel like the marriage will last atleast 38 months, but it seems like they will have major issues to deal with within the first year of marriage. They are not as similar as they both thought. There will be a lot of crying and depression going on. They both seem so miserable at the end. I detect no babies for this marriage, Kerry needs a older man in her life...Nnamdi might just be too immature for her.

They should have just stayed boyfriend and girlfriends.

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