Monday, June 17, 2013

What's in the Future for Ciara?!

I was hoping for the best for Future and Ciara, but unfortunately there perfect world will be rocked. Things in their relation is currently changing. It's not going to be for the better. At the moment Ciara is madly in love with Future and wants to marry him, but I feel like Future will eventually need some freedom to roam a little bit and date other women. I feel like there will be a break in about 4 months, but Ciara will have to make the choice if she wants to take him back afterwards.

In a sense I feel like there future is with each other, but there will be some hard times in the coming months for which there love will be challenged. I see a shot gun wedding in Las Vegas....that's the only way this relationship will big ceremonies just the both of them. I feel that will occur around April of next year.

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