Thursday, June 27, 2013

What Celebrity Psychics Think About..... 

Only a few weeks before his untimely death, my mind ran on James Gandolfini for some odd reason. I was thinking, how could he possibly spend all the money he's accrued from being a "Soprano", and would he ever be remembered as anyone other than Tony Soprano to the public. There was absolutely no thought of death in my mind at the time but thinking back, I guess I was on to something.

I know it is way too soon to contact James Gandolfini over there on the other side and it would be a bit morbid too, but I do need to do my job.

I just feel like he's alright. No one that he is very close to is over there as yet, so I just get that he is kind of chilling. I don't even feel a strong energy from him so he must still be in a kind of limbo. He'll be fine though.

Okay, I guess I'll wrap this up. RIP James entertained many and you were loves by many.

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