Monday, February 18, 2013

Mood In Hollywood Changing....

It was just yesterday a few hours before country singer/reality star Mindy McCready had committed suicide that I was lamenting to myself how the mood in Hollywood would be changing to a more somber one. There hasn't been any high profile deaths since the beginning of the year and, I was thinking that was a good thing for Hollywood, but I knew that the good thing would not last forever.

It's strange....I had a dream about a week ago about a reality star being shot in the head. At the time I knew most certainly that it wasn't the person in the dream (Kenya Moore from Real Housewives of Atlanta),but I knew this person or persons would have a background in reality shows. A day after that dream the Mark Balelo from "Storage Wars" committed suicide.

I am trying to grasp what will be next for the stars in Hollywood, but I am still reeling from McCready's suicide.  Let's send some positive vibes to Hollywood folks because they will need it.

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