Monday, December 03, 2012

Jess and Eric Parents For A Second Time!!!? 

During the last week or so, there have been reports that Jessica Simpson and her boyfriend Eric Johnson are expecting their second child. I so darn excited about this news btw! I had a dream about Jess about four years ago where there was a little girl and a little boy attending her future wedding. I always thought that the little boy was my baby (Me and Jess was having a double wedding in the dream), but now I will say that in fact it was Jessica's all along.

Hence, I am fully expecting her second child to be a boy and that her and Eric won't get married for the next two years because these babies seemed to be around the age of two at the time of the wedding.

I pulled some tarot cards for Jessica earlier today also and for some reason the cards didn't seem too positive. It seems as if there will be a cheating scandal coming soon at least according to the cards. I am totally not looking forward to accusations and rumors. Let's pray for her and Eric guys!

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