Friday, August 24, 2012

Update:Couple We Hate 

There is some scandal looming for this couple. It will more than likely involve cheating with a co-worker. I honestly don't know why Rachel Bilson  is in this relationship with Hayden Christensen. I don't see the benefits for her. At the moment in their relationship there is a battle concerning their wedding date, and if it will happen at all. I feel like their is some type of seclusion, isolation and a feeling of being stuck on both of their parts more than likely...not just Rachel's.

The relationship also isn't based on pure love. There are some obsession, materialism or a "for show" mentality here.

Nevertheless, there is no slowing down this train. They will get married no matter what and the decision on a wedding date should come in early December.

Past Rachel and Hayden prediction here.

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Anonymous said...

come on you got do better them that lady,or do you know somenthing you can tell?