Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Musings of A Psychic


-----Two selfish people in a relationship...this cannot last. I have a feeling Halle Berry will come rushing back to Gabriel Aubry when Olivier Martinez leaves....stay tuned!

I was reviewing one of my prediction on Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams the other day. The one where he kept on sending me very happy messages about her. He has not been bothering me as of late even though it appears as if Michelle is in a long term, looking like its headed into marriage relationship with Jason Segal. All I am saying now is that, I am not going to confirm that Michelle and Jason will head to the altar because Heath ain't givin' me the sign.

I would love to see Russell Brand engaged and expecting a child soon. I feel like this will happen for him by June of next year.

I would love to give my blessings to Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher even though, they won't make it down the aisle. This relationship will teach him about boundaries and keeping "it" in his pants. Good job Mila!

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Kayla m. studavent said...

Can you do a reading for Justin and Selena please, you haven't done one in a while.