Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Have A Blast

I was just sitting down by my work desk at home and this is usually the place where I can feel when something bad is going to happen in the celebrity world. At the moment, I'm feeling a blast to the right side of my face, neck and total full-frontal hit. It might be an injury that someone will suffer real soon. It's going to be two separate incidents one involving a famous man or woman. While I do see an actual blast with fire and all this could also be a gun blast, or just a massive hit to the chest. 

This should also happen very soon.  Hopefully, it doesn't happen but...

1 comment :

Deanna Douglas said...

your awake? me too.. told you i checked your site often :) i hope this blast can be prevented since we all have free will.. and ultimately we can change out future - dont you agree? - deanna douglas.. :)