Monday, March 05, 2012

Bad News For Angelina?!

Update 4/13/12: I guess she was on her way to the altar, folks! As of today Brad and Angelina are getting married!

I had a haunting dream a couple months ago where Nikki Minaj  showed up wearing black and gave me a hug, a week or so after the dream her cousin died tragically.

I was walking down some steps that may have been in a luxurious hotel in Manhattan. All of a sudden appears Angelina Jolie coming up the steps wearing bright red lipstick, black dress and a black and white herringbone jacket. I started yelling her name like an adoring fan and when I went to hug her some strong body guard looking guy held me back. I was flailing the arms and everything. She looked at me as if she would have hugged me but she didn't because of this guy. Hmmm, this dream could mean bad  things for Angie, but she didn't hug me like Nikki did so, everything should be great for her. Stay tuned folks....

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