Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Houston Dead

I cannot believe I just typed, Whitney Houston Dead. I woke up to a text saying those very same words. I am definitely shocked because this woman is so young and had so much to offer, but she lost herself along the way but then again, do we really choose the life we lead.....what's meant to be is meant to be.

It was just two days ago that I sat in my tax preparer's office bored, and I figured that I should doodle some predictions in an old poetry notebook of mine. With all the other predictions of celebrity love, divorce and baby news also came the news of death. I wrote the words Madonna; big!; Death. I knew it wouldn't be Madonna, but someone with a huge celebrity status would be passing soon. I flashed back to a dream I had of Angelina Jolie and another big named actress who was literally killed by a weapon in this dream (in a hotel room, police everywhere). So, I knew it would have been a female star and the death would be absolutely shocking. I was hoping it wouldn't have happened so soon and Don Cornelius' sudden death kind of swayed me away from posting since he died violently only a few days after the dream.

Anywho, Whitney's daughter Bobby Kristina are in my thoughts. I'm sure she's in a lot of pain right now.

Alexander McQueen died exactly two years ago on this very same date of an apparent suicide, btw.

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