Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lindsay Lohan:Past Lives

I was trying to focus in on Angelina Jolie this morning to do a past life reading on her, but I wasn't getting too much, then all of a sudden I thought of Lindsay and everything just started to come at me.

Lindsay Lohan's past lives all seem so traumatic and tortured to me. She has lived 2 previous lives and both were not the happiest. She was a singer in Brazil (1950's), who was actually abandoned by her parents as a child. She was eventually cared for by a woman but it wasn't the ideal childhood or life  that could make for healthy adulthood. She never had any children either or any relationships that would add to her social life. She was a "loner" so to speak. She died in her late 40's it seemed.

Her other life was as a little Jewish boy. He lived in Germany in the late 30's and eventually died in the Holocaust.

I actually couldn't believe that I picked up on her life as that little boy. It makes me so sad to know that her soul is not a restful one. Her past lives are so close to each other that she doesn't get the chance to rest and heal. I have a feeling she will be able to do that after her current lifetime is over.  I'll be doing a six month Tarot spread on Lindsay any day now...so stay tuned. I hope she can get her act together but her need for attention will do her in.

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