Monday, November 07, 2011

Justin Bieber, You Are.....

most likely the daddy. I decided to meditate a little and consulted the tarot a couple minutes ago about Justin Bieber's demeanor after the DNA testing is completed and the results are in. The cards that I got were not good at all. The cards shows his career and public image slipping. Hence the likelihood of him being the daddy to Mariah Yeater's baby boy is in the high 90's. I predicted a year ago that he'd be a good dad adn when I did the reading, while I said 20 years old, I was actually doubting myself and wanted the age to be lowered. Well we'll see in a month or so if either the tarot or my prediction is real, but Justin Bieber fans should brace themselves. 

I'll probably give a definitive answer in a week or so. This is quite shocking for me too. 

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