Monday, October 31, 2011

Updates On Couples We Love!!! Part I

Jennifer Aniston and her Beau Justin Theroux have been dating for around 6 months now. I did a prediction on them back in June. Back then everything between them seemed perfect, so how exactly is this couple doing now?

The relationship is changing a bit now, because it seems as if Justin won't have as much free time to spend with Jen. But it will be after this whole "busy" thing stops, when Jen and Justin will decide on where to take the relationship. I don't see a marriage happening for them next year, not even a proposal on Jen's birthday in February (that would have been romantic). Although this will be a very happy relationship they won't be stepping to the altar until 2014. I know that is such a long time from now, but Justin will suffer some cold feet. I see him giving some problems in the relationship. He'll definitely have Jen on edge.

Check back for Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber later!


Zeena said...

Jen will grow old alone.

Anonymous said...

But do you still see kids for this relationship?

Anonymous said...

Could you do an update on this celeb couple? Loved your initial reading and would like to hear your thoughts on where their relationship is now, and whether you see marriage or babies on the horizon for them at some point, and if so, when!