Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Couple But.....

When I think of Shane Warne and Liz Hurley together, all I see are bloody hands and all I can think of is Karma. I definitely don't feel as if they should be getting married and its not because they don't suit  each other (for the moment), but they will never be out of the news. This will not be an easy relationship because I don't feel as if they will be able to complete each other enough. I don't feel as if Liz knows what she wants in a relationship and honestly Shane is just a man who is looking for deep love but Liz isn't the one for him. I feel as if there might be some contention where the issue of having another child may come up. I feel as if Shane wants another baby but Liz doesn't.

While this relationship does appear to be a new beginning for both of them. I sense some cheating to happen, a lot of deception. It does appear as if they make it to the altar but they probably shouldn't. I do see the relationship chugging along for 8 years but there will be lots of separation involved.... and regrets. I feel like the wedding will be far should be at least. But I'm sure it will be next Summer in July somewhere. And Liz will be the first to step out of the relationship.

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