Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Very Short Michael Jackson Dream.....

While I'm trying to get my celebrity prediction mojo back, thankfully I had a dream about Michael Jackson dream this morning, literally before I woke up. Here it goes:

I was in a meeting with some celebrity nannies. I too was a nanny in the dream. I guess we were sharing our stories, it appeared to be a support group of sorts.  Michael Jackson's nanny was there in the circle sitting down and just came out and said, Michael is not doing good right now.....and that was the end of the dream. It was like something was preventing me from hearing what she had to say. I nonchalantly got up from the dream, turned off the space heater and jumped on the computer to watch a TV show. Needless to say I'm angry.

I always take my Michael Jackson dreams as a warning for his children. But this could also be him just telling me that he wasn't alright mentally or emotionally right before he passed.

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