Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In Their Heads: Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock!

So I asked the tarot, How does Ryan and Sandra feel about each other, and I got a surprising answer:

According to my three card feelings tarot spread Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock are totally doing it! Okay, um well they really like each other. The Six of Swords which is placed right beside the woman on the "Lovers" card means action and love. I believe that Sandra is kind of courting Ryan, she is taking things really slow with him to see where things should go but she definitely has the hots for him.

Ryan is feelings towards Sandra is represented by the "Seven of Cups", this is also a feelings card and it also shows that he is totally digging Sandra. He too is taking things nice and slow!

This relationship has potential to be Brad and Angelina 2.0. Ryan and Sandra have cool heads and they try to see the good in everyone including each other. There is soul mate potential here!

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TheFan said...

They look really good together!