Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Celebrity Potpourri

Oh how I wish Paris Hilton could get it together so she and Todd Phillips (He is not hot but so what) could get married. I want this relationship to work soooo badly. They are already in love. I would love for them to run off to Cabo for a quickie marriage, but Paris will be Paris! Yes, they are having great sex!

Please don't be shocked by this but: Nick Jonas wants to get married.....sooon...enough. I can't see him wasting time in the dating world. Its too much for him.  He wants long term. But will it be with Delta Goodram?!? My answer as of right now is that there will be a secret wedding of sorts....That's all I'm saying.

Yes Ryan Phillippe is the dad of Amanda Knapp's baby.

Kanye West is an asshole right now....no surprise there. He isn't the easiest person to date at the moment. I'm sure we'll hear about that soon enough.

Just kind of putting this out there but I hope we can all send some positive vibes to Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet. They need it!


Nickfan said...

I am shocked about Nick! Crazzzy!

Anonymous said...

Love your posts! Please give some insight into the love life of 50 Cent