Friday, July 29, 2011

Another Dead Music Artist

Update:(8/12/2011) So I made a psychic prediction about 2 weeks ago about a Rocker dying. Ex-Warrant lead singer Jani Lane was found dead in his hotel room yesterday evening. It is most likely that he died of some drug over-dose. May his soul rest in peace.

This Summer is unfortunately turning into the "Summer of Death" aka "Summer of 2009". If someone famous isn't committing suicide then they're OD'ing, what's up with that man??? Unfortunately there is another dead rocker to be added to the list. This one looks young too and it seems like they're male. Most likely British but I won't say that affirmatively. I expect this to happen quite soon too. I guess the "Summer of Death" will be striking again.


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Serena said...

Gavin Degraw?

EightiesNicole said...

I loved the band warrant back in their hayday. RIP Jani