Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's Angelina Jolie's Aura?!?

I've decided to do a little aura reading today. I've never read any books on auras and I don't feel like I need to because well, seeing them comes naturally. Auras do change over the months and years so while Angelina Jolie's aura is a certain color now it can change depending on what's going on in her life and body.

This is a very recent picture of Angelina, and right now, I can see that her aura is green with some yellow undertones.  A person with a green aura is usually thought of as having the qualities of a natural healer, they are very spiritual, and also have a calming effect for the people around them. One thing I notice about Jolie is that she is able to take on the emotions of the people around her. She is very empathetic and almost even psychic.

The yellow aura around her represents her optimism and easy going, carefree ways. It is also thought of as being Christ-like to have such a halo.

I guess Angelina is in good company.

If you want your Aura Reading, just send me a picture similar to the one above. You should be alone in the picture and hopefully not wearing any flashy colors. Send the pics to

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Paul said...

I love Angie