Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shakira and Her Shiny "New Toy" Gerard Pique

Singer Shakira and her football playing hunk of a man Gerard Pique have been seeing each other for around a year now. They are always kissing and stuff and they are actually freaking me out. Shakira and her new beau actually share the same birthday and are exactly 10 years apart, pretty weird but I guess it makes them all the more interesting. I really feel bad for Shakira's ex Antonio De la Rua because he did want to be with Shakira forever. He really did love her and still loves her. But she just didn't wanna put a ring on his finger.

Now here comes Pique who has kind of taken control over Shakira's heart. I don't think she expected him to love her so much. His affectionate side and maturity really surprised her. He's broken down many walls around Shakira's heart..for now. I do feel like he wants to marry Shakira and actually have a ring and everything picked out. The only problem is that I cannot see a wedding at the moment. Shakira does not want to marry at all.This relationship gives me a Tom and Katie Cruise feel but yet there is some George Clooney-ness mix in it too.

While I can see them together for at least 2 more years, I can't see a wedding but I do see a baby....Toodles!

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Cookie said...

Can you do one on me and my fiancee?