Sunday, June 12, 2011

Is Blake Lively Leo's future Wifey???

Update: 11/19/2011. Unfortunately, Leonardo and Blake have broken up, but I am not letting go of the marriage energy surrounding one or both of them. I will definitely be delving deeper into Leo and Blake in the coming weeks.

Okay I've got a super short psychic prediction right here. Leonardo Dicaprio and Blake Lively will get married. End of Story!

He'll go as crazy for her as Tom Cruise was for Katie Holmes back in the Oprah couch jumping days and they will get married and have 2 kids eventually.  That's all I can say for now.


Jena said...

Leo is an asshole for breaking Bar's heart.

Anonymous said...

who says Leo broke Bar heart? Maybe its the other way around? Do you actually know these people? Bar seems to be doing fine without Leo, she is smiling and seems very happy in Israel. Bar doesn't seem to broken hearted to me.

Anonymous said...

^Amen. Bar had no career outside of Israel before she hooked up with Leo. She's the last person I'm going to feel sorry for.

Anonymous said...

I thought the were getting married..whatever...She is just casting couch actress and just a quick rebound.. I think he will marry Bar