Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chris Brown and Rihanna: How They're Really Feeling

This tarot spread that I did for Chris Brown and Rihanna is supposed to tell us how they are both feeling about each other and their "Relationship". What I basically did was shuffle my cards and then searched for "The Lovers" card then looked at the cards that were next to the woman and the man.

In this case we have The "Two of Pentacles" beside Rihanna [woman], I feel like this card is an indication of confusion about where to go next. A kind of treading softly but then again I feel like she's learned so much from her past actions that she will be more headstrong, and cognizant of whatever decisions she makes about getting back with Chris, if that is the case. At the moment I believe that she is making her needs known to Chris inorder to make sure that whatever happened in the past does not repeat itself. She does want him back but she has to feel like he's ready to handle her.

Chris Brown is "standing" next to the "Eight of Swords", this card indicates that he should take a look at himself and take total responsibility for his role in whatever happened in the relationship.  He does feel trapped and has been unable to change many people's perception of him since that night in 2009 (sounds familiar).  This card is also and indicator that he will and is moving on from the "bad" situation but self-pity gets at him sometimes.

This Tarot reading indicates to me that they are not ready for a romantic relationship again. They are at the beginning of a friendship that will blossom into them getting back together but this may take over a year. It seems as if they are still at the scene of the crime so to speak and is slowly starting to understanding what the hell is happening around them. Police sirens, red tape, media, tears, scars, I feel as if they are slowly delving into those issues.

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Polgirl said...

Yup they're getting back together!

Emilee said...

That would be a bad idea Rihanna!

Lisa H said...

How can I get a tarot reading. I want to know how this guy feels about me???