Sunday, April 03, 2011

Bad Dreams

Update 5/1/2011: The shuttle Endeavor which was supposed to launch off into space on April 29, 2011, but because of some faulty heating system the launch has been delayed. I really hope they get this fixed because I don't want this "bad dream" to come true.

A few nights ago, I was just laying in bed when I was visited three times by a spirit of some kind. Even though I told it to go away at each visit, it would return again telling me some kind of new information.  I still haven't decided if whatever was said is true, but the prediction that bothered me the most was that there would be an airplane or space shuttle crash of some kind. It involved a collision of some sort. It worries me because I know that there is supposed to be a space shuttle lift off on April 19th. I just hope that this message of a airplane crash/collision or space shuttle crash wasn't correct and let's all just send out some positive energy because its not sitting well with me at all. 

On a more lighter and Jerry Springer-esque note, I also was made aware that there is an actress in the limelight who has cheated on her husband several times and the kids aren't his. Ahhhhhhhh

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Anonymous said...

Are you possibly meaning an actress in the spotlight who has cheated on her boyfriend and the baby she's pregnant with at the moment is not his?