Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Has Reese Witherspoon Really Found Her Dream Man?!?

Okay, I've realized why Reese Witherspoon went through with this wedding with Jim Toth, the man is a real man's man. He is very protective of her, and has no interest in fame, but I do  have the strongest feeling that this relationship won't last beyond 4 years, and I hope I'm wrong because I genuinely, well kind of feel like Reese Witherspoon does need some happiness in her love life. I feel like they still don't know each other very well and that's the biggest thing that's bothering me. They are most certainly giving this psychic some Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson vibe. Anyway, I haven't felt any baby vibes and I don't see them starting a family anytime soon or in the future. That may actually be the reason her and Jake Gyllenhaal broke up, he wanted a family and she didn't.

Let's send Reese and her new hubby Jim Toth some good vibes because they will certainly need it. Oh no, a cheating be continued.

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