Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Alex Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth: What The Tarot Said

Okay so for you gals who have have wicked crushes on Alex Skarsgard you're in luck! Him and Kate Bosworth will most likely be breaking up in October of 2011.  It appears as if these two took a big chance starting this relationship. Its as if they kinds just were hanging out platonicly and decided to give the relationship thing a try. I also see that its there love of friendship and friends who have primarily fanned the flames of this relationship.  It appears as if in the Spring the relationship will take a turn for the serious. I see them showing up together more and more often in public hand in hand. I believe the 7 of Wands in the Immediate future position is saying this because its a card that signifies taking a stand and I believe Kate and Alex wants to show the naysayers that yes they are united and in love.

By the way its strange I have been seeing The Moon as the first card in about 3 celebrity relationships. The Moon does signify illusion, deception, intuition and many other things but when I crossed it with the Fool card I feel as if it gave this relationship the fun, lightness and possibly divulging of past secrets that it is truly about. There is a purity about Alex and Kate.

There a lot of activity with this couple summer going into fall especially late summer (August). A lot of ebbing and flowing. From the tarot I feel like the ultimate demise of the relationship will be both of them working and being too busy for each other. Though I feel like its more on Alex's part. The Page of Pentacles and The Three of Swords is telling me that Kate will probably find out that they've broken up through a message whether its an email, tabloid or text message. But yes there will be a break-up in the fall.

For all you perverts out there Kate's and Alex's relationship is very deep and sexual. I feel as if they're having the best sex of their lives with each other but that only goes so far.


Tammie said...

Not a bad prediction at all!

Anonymous said... astrology they are a pretty good love match and match for marriage. She's Capricorn, he's Virgo, she's got Virgo Moon and she's got Cancer rising, which pairs nicely with all his various virgo planets. But their work schedules definately put them at odds, which could be why a lot of stars break up. Interesting.