Monday, January 31, 2011

    Has Brandy Found True Love With Terrence J?!?

Awww aren't they looking so cute's a pity it won't last. I am so sad to say that though because they look awesome together, kind of like a Black Ken and Barbie. Anyway I am not quite sure what's going to cause the demise of the relationship. I am getting finances and actually outside people influencing their relationship. I honestly don't believe Brandy is ready to settle down either even though she does claim to want to have another baby and all those things women over 30 say (j/k). Terrence J has a good heart and a great aura around him but unfortunately I see this relationship lasting till about July. I'm going to send some positives vibes over to these two. There is a purple aura around them which denotes spirituality. They are tres cute together and will hopefully be able to work on their differences.

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