Monday, January 03, 2011

The Absolute Definitive Jennifer Aniston Marriage Prediction

Okay so I was having a conversation with my spirit guide about Jennifer Aniston (yea I know I know). I was asking when will she get married, will she ever have kids and all that good stuff.  According to my guide Aniston will get married when she is 47 years old and she will actually end up having 2 children naturally. She even has one when she's 51.  The guy she'll end up with is definitely not an actor, he's actually a very wealthy business man of sorts (not not a bid-ness man) and will be around the same age. He's tall with dark hair and a very likeable smile. It seems as if he's always had a crush on her and he actually feels honored to be with her.  He'll make her feel like a woman again. I am very happy for her. This man will be head and shoulders above Brad  Pitt (take that Angelina). This impending marriage will happen about a year after dating and she knows of this man now but just haven't opened her eyes up to see it yet.

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Anonymous said...

Your spirit quide is right on. She will disappear from the Hollywood scene though and focus on her kids.