Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hot Couple Alert: James Franco and Ahna O'Reilly

For all you ladies with crushes on the brainy and Handsome James Franco, I'm sorry to inform you that he's found true love with girlfriend Ahna O'Reilly. I don't see a marriage happening anytime soon but she is what's best for his personality and outlook on life. I cannot ever see him dating a famous A-List actress at all that would just be too much for him. Ahna's "anonymity" and subtle hardness is just what he needs.  I know they've already been together for about 4 years now and I see the together for another 2-3 years before they start getting serious about a wedding and children.  I do see her getting pregnant then them deciding to get married though.

So yes ladies, I guess we have to find another smart and hunky actor to dream of marrying...I do hear that Zac Efron is temporarily single. Lol.

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Anonymous said...

they broke up seven months ago,,,,you are no psychic