Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Russell Brand and Katy Perry--Round II

After making my first prediction on these two I had a sinking feeling I was wrong. Wrong because Russell didn't dump Katy but they actually got married. Maybe Rihanna knows something we don't know. If my bff was getting married I would move heaven and Earth to be there.  I still have not wrapped my head around Russell and Katy and I still can't accept them together.  I see them having children. Right now I see two kids, they seem to either be 2 girls or 2 boys. There will be no baby bump anytime soon unless the realtionship gets real desperate. I can see them being together for seven years. 


Anonymous said...

what do you see happening for prince william and kate..will they stay together...why is he showing his love NOW

Anonymous said...

Katy just announced she is leaving to have a baby. Is this sooner or at the time that you had seen for them? I still think they are a bad match.