Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ronni Chasen Murder: A Psychic's Take

I woke up from a dream early this morning that could actually have clues to who  killed Ronni Chasen. I haven't been following this case but as a human being it is something that has saddened and baffled me.  If you're wondering , well why hasn't this psychic been to the cops with her clues? Well solving murder cases isn't exactly my forte but I think that my abilities are somehow transforming. This is how the dream went:

There was a woman in the dream who apparently was being threatened by someone close to her. It appears as if she was a mother and her Father-in law was the one doing the threatening. She didn't take it seriously at all and actually made excuses for this person. In the dream this person is a older man. He is tall, white with a full head of dark hair, not particularly handsome.  This man ends up killing the woman while she was sleeping and her children were in the house. She was shot three times in the head but appeared to be alive while her children were trying to talk to her so she can stay conscious.

This is where I come in. I walked outside of this home where this woman had been murdered (she was supposed to be watched by the Police but apparently they dropped the ball that night) to see a small coupe like car driving up the street when a beige colored Lexus or Cadillac starts to follow this car. Another Beige Cadillac or Lexus pulls up in front or beside the coupe and that's how I believe Ronni's murder happened. I can't really remember any other details about the shooting after this.

In the aftermath of all this a man wearing a cowboy hat and boots (with spurs), blue jeans, flannel like shirt appears out of no where and drags a woman (she looked like a crack head or just feeble) who appears to be connected to the "drive-by" murder into a basement. He appeared to be angry because the hit didn't go as planned. This man was pure evil. I actually woke up from the dream because he had a devil-like voice that scared the day lights out of me.

There does appear that there will be justice for Ronni Chasen. By the way for some reason I got an east coast connection to the murder. The dream took place in New Jersey for some odd reason. There might also be a traffic accident related to this crime whether its before or after the murder I'm not sure.  There seems to be a witness or someone who will come forward with clues within a week. This case should be solved a week before Christmas.

Ronni does not know who killed her.  Although it appears as if she had been threatened and even told friends about it but she like the other woman in my dream did not take it seriously. She did not see the faces of the men but I know that a woman is involved as well. It took her by surprise because she always thought she'd live well into her 80's.  Right now there still appears to be a numbness about her. While I was in bed thinking about the dreams, I smelled gun fire smoke (?).  Was Ronni a Buddhist? She only wants her soul to be at rest. She doesn't want like retribution for her death.

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