Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Courtney Cox and David Arquette: The Split

Jennifer Aniston's wish has come true! Just Kidding, I'm sure she's sad and stuff.  I am not surprised by Courtney Cox and David Arquette's impending divorce.  This is a couple who has always rubbed me the wrong way mostly on David Arquette's side--he's a weirdo.  David hasn't even been funny since he's been married so I'm quite positive that he'll become a Scientologist (not kidding) and have a viable acting career again.  In a sense I do feel as if he kind of nudged the divorce along. He just wanted to be free again. He felt really trapped even though he was/is truly in love. I still feel a strong bond between them. It all depends on what the stars want but I know this split should remain permanent.

There is some rumors of David dating some waitress chick, I don't see that. He wants to be single. He wants to be seen alone.  Will Courtney be dating anytime soon? I want to say she'll be linked to a personal trainer or a motivational speaker type guy but she won't be dating anytime soon either.

OMG! I just hate when I come to the end of a reading and then have some weird message sent to me.  All I'm saying is that I hope David can keep his head above water and seek religion fast or he could be in trouble.

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