Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Celebrity Round-Up

I actually wasn't quite sure which picture to put up of Zsa Zsa Gabor. There were ones from 20 years ago when she was still blond then there is the above so I chose which one she'd like. I sense that she owns her age not many people live to be 93 anyway. She will definitely make it through the year but I do see her succumbing to what can be best put as natural causes in mid-January of 2012. She has many angels looking over.

In other news, Justin Bieber will be a daddy at the tender age of 20. Yep I know he's very precocious. I also expect him to marry young too. He reminds me of the Hanson brothers.

I am kind of sad because Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky won't be procreating soon enough. She's still on birth control (TMI).  I digress she'll be pregnant by September of next year and they'll be having a little girl.

Side Note: I dreamt of a royal wedding a few nights ago and it certainly wasn't Prince William or Harry who were getting married. Instead it was Queen Elizabeth II, SHOCKING!!! Some important symbols in the dream were the color blue appearing just about everywhere, the wedding was held at Time Square at the MTV Studios (think Total Request Live N'Sync pandemonium), and a long stretch limo of at least 200 yards in length.

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Anonymous said...

Justin Bieber, daddy at 20?
Are you sure?