Friday, September 10, 2010

Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez: Can They Really Last?

I guess this coupling was just inevitable. They both are party animals and they are both willing to share and bask in the spotlight together, neither of the are shy when it comes to this. There social circle will be the thing that fans the flames.  There might be a power struggle within there relationship because Cameron is very strong willed and usually holds a tight grip to her man's scrotum area. There are  dominant and submissive natures whirling around here and you know what it just might work! Cameron Diaz has the power to tame A-Rod wild ways (to kate Hudson's chagrin). I see some shaky times for this couple in December because Cameron might just want out, A-Rod is catching feelings (lol karma). November to December is the make or break month for this couple. I want them to go the distance but I see Cameron pulling the eject button way too soon. You know what I give them two comfortable years together...... an on and off thing.

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