Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy: Soul Mates?!?

Update 9/20/2010:  A source close to Matt told Us Weekly that the musician said the relationship “just feels right,” and that he would propose to Kate “if she says yes.”

So Kate Hudson has got herself another singer. In my previous prediction I did say that Kate Hudson would be dating an older guy and would be getting married next year.  I have to say that Kate and Matthew will get engaged.  I thought about this long and hard then waited for the right answer because this couple to me just seems like their really needy when in a relationship, two needy people together is just, hmmm weird.  I have to admit Kate's possessiveness has eased up a bit. I'll put my spiritual blessings on these two. I can't believe I'm approving of a man in Kate's love life but Matthew is like the female version of her. I've got to end this post Kate and Matthew are killing me with their romantical-ness.

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