Monday, July 26, 2010

Will He Ever Find Love?!?

I love Jim Carrey...oh yea and his movies. He has always been my favorite actor and I've seen "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" at least 100 times. Anyway I know for sure that Jim won't be getting back with Jenny McCarthy, that relationship ran its course and probably should have ended 2 years before they split.  They basically didn't see a future for the relationship because there paths diverged at some point.

Well, I see Jim dating a much younger blond around February of 2011and it might even be as soon as October 2010.  This blond might actually be a waitress or a friend of his daughter.  Jim Carrey is looking to get married again and I feel that he thinks getting with this young women will be  fresh start for him (sort of like being a virgin again).  I'm getting the name Raquel or Rachel by the way. Jim and this girl will definitely have a child together and get married by 2012.

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