Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pregnant Supermodel:Are Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr Expecting?!?

Update 8/2/2010: Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom just announced that were also expecting a baby! She's four months along.

Update 7/18/2010: Not even a full day after posting this little news Victoria's Secret model/Supermodel Doutzen Kroes announced that her and fiance DJ Sunnery James are expecting a little one and that she's 3 months along in her pregnancy. 

 I was having a restful sleep last night when I was awoken by someone telling me that a "supermodel" is pregnant.  I sense that it could be Miranda Kerr since she's just became engaged to the handsome actor Orlando Bloom.  I mainly just want to put this out there but this is the absolute most perfect time for Miranda and Orlando to have a baby!


Anonymous said...

Doutzen Kroes just announced she's 3 months pregnant. She's a Victoria's Secret Angel.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sanje,

I love your blog. Was wondering if you would comment on Gibson's issues...