Sunday, July 18, 2010

News From The Other Side!!!

Update: Michelle Williams was filming the movie "Blue Valentine" in 2010. She was subsequently nominated for a Golden Globe and an Academy award. Yay!

 Okay, so I just can't shake the feeling that something real awesome is going to happen for Michelle Williams. I stated before on twitter how I saw Heath Ledger  and he was in absolute glee over something and it could have something to do with his daughter Matilda but I'm getting this really festive energy and maybe now since I've put it out there Heath can leave me alone (I kid).

Also a quick update on Brittany Murphy and her husband Simon Monjack (who recently died the same way as his wife did) I had this great feeling that they have not been reunited as yet but they are actually together now (I got that msg as soon as I started to type). I'm almost positive that he was greeted by Brittany upon his entry to the other side but I know that he was also greeted by an older woman like an aunt or even a great grand-parent.  He needed extra care and therapy after departing so that's the reason why they weren't together. He was very tired and extremely sad. I'm tearing up right now because his emotions were so strong. Everything is on the right path now. (good vibes)

Princess Diana does approve of Kate Middleton by the way (well recently). More on this later.....

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Anonymous said...

i can't believe diana thinks kate is a good
she doesn't work and waits for a ring