Saturday, July 10, 2010

Is This "The One" For Jessica Simpson?!?

I believe this guy is still going through a divorce with his wife and that's usually a huge red flag ladies but I guess he had to have spat some good game with Jessica to have gotten as far as Capri with her. Anywho the spirit world says that infact this relationship will be great for Jessica and she will actually walk down the isle with Mr. Eric Johnson. There was a resounding "Yes!" when I mentioned this whole three way lover thing (joking).  Jessica is in for some good cuddling and kissing from this all around sensitive caring guy who actually has a brain ( You hear that Tony Romo! And John Mayer). They'll also be quite social so we should be seeing plenty of pictures. Oh I forgot about babies! Yes there will be twins a boy and a girl or more than likely they're so close in age I can't distinguish. Eric wants 3 babies and I hope they get a reality show. lol. So there goes my psychic prediction for Jessica Simpson and Eric.

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