Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Halle Berry's New Man

Halle Berry's new man will not be black and she is definitely over gorgeous men.  Her new man will be  a guy with a body to hold on to. He's not a model type. He might have a love handle or two. He's good-looking but not a guy who all the women are dropping their panties or their jaws for ( I know gross). Halle won't be dating again till February. She needs recovery time and she's actually going to be looking for a husband this time around. This new guy will definitely be "The One"! I feel like he's an executive Hollywood type. He's definitely not a push-over and Halle need a strong man who respects her and Nahla.

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Anonymous said...

What . . . no babies with this new man? No engagement with man? More details . . . we're hooked on this story!