Friday, June 25, 2010

A Message (Seance) From Farrah Fawcett!!!

25 June 2009 - Santa Monica, CA - Actress Farrah Fawcett, best known for her role in the 1970s TV series Charlie's Angels, died Thursday, June 25, in Santa Monica after a three-year battle with cancer. She was 62. File Photo: 05 October 2005 - West Hollywood, California - Farrah Fawcett. Remembering Rodney: Celebration of the One Year Anniversary of the Passing of Comic Legend Rodney Dangerfield held at the home of Joan Dangerfield. Photo Credit: Zach Lipp/AdMedia

I don't do seances but I guess it best describes my communication with the dead for google purposes.

It's been quite hard for me to contact Farrah Fawcett since her death a year ago but I have managed to grab on to pieces of her message it's not much but it reflects a soul that is still very much apart of our world. 

First off I see her talking to me on a counter-top or she likes sitting in odd places. She's not a chair or a sofa person.  I see her just popping up around her friends and family members and actually talking to them or trying to send them ideas or messages and it actually works--they listen. She is still very much concerned about her son Redmond who is still not over her death and very well will never be. She worries about the support system he has here and doesn't think its enough. He might join her soon.... I really hate to relay that message.

On a more worldly note she fears a terrorist attack and impending one.  I can't say for sure when this will happen but she's warning me.

Farrah is very well at peace but she still has business to take care of down here.

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