Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Celebrity Death Prediction 

Update 7/13/2010: According to Foxnews.com Beyonce was almost struck by a London taxi cab while exiting her Mercedes on July 8, 2010. The singer was on her way to have dinner with her husband Jay-Z. The story sounds pretty scary. Read it here.

Update 7/07/2010: Just before I went to bed last night I heard the voice of a male singer or rapper. It was a very fast so I couldn't catch who it was. I'm sure we'll be seeing someone in trouble or injured or banging on deaths door in a week.  The reason I say this is because on the night after the below prediction before I went to bed I heard a really loud crashing noise so let's see.....

Update 7/07/2010: On July 1, 2010 Tori Spelling's husband Dean McDermott was involved in Dirt bike accident. He was in the ICU for a few days with a punctured and collapsed lung. Perhaps this is the summer of unfortunate accidents. Who will be next???

This will be really short. I just keep having this psychic vision of a car/plane crash that will kill a celebrity. All I keep hearing is things smashing into each other, crunching noises and just a really horrific scene. Yes it will happen this summer. I am still trying to figure out who it will be. But it will not be a pretty accident.  The last time I saw this former model Beverly Peele was involved in a very serious accident.

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