Thursday, April 08, 2010

Gerard Butler: Making Moves

'The Bounty Hunter' Premiere in Madrid

Update 6/9/2010: Apparently Gerard Butler is to courting super rich Kazakhstan born now British elite Goga Askenazi (what a cool name!). The girl is as thin as a rail and she's most likely a European citizen. I have some really good vibes about her being the dark haired woman I saw in my previous prediction. And a quickie marriage wouldn't be out of the question for these two. They have a whole lot in common..... so let's see.

All I have to say right now about Gerard Butler is that he'll be engaged by November. I have been seeing him with a dark-haired woman since January and she will definitely be the one. She is European and thin. I see her in jeans and shades so perhaps this woman is easy-going and values her privacy (this woman is not a famewhore). This relationship will truly be about love. Gerard really needs love right now no matter how hard he tries to deny it. This impending marriage will also help his film career. It's not Jennifer Aniston, though that would have been a cool pairing. By the way Jen should really get back with John Mayer he needs her guidance (lol).

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Lady Mel said...

I will spread the word. Let the crazy fans know. :P THANKS!