Thursday, April 01, 2010

Brittany Murphy: Afterlife Interview

I wasn't going to post my conversation with Brittany Murphy but I saw on a gossip website today that she liked to sing and had an album in the works. I posted something on twitter two days ago about how she loved singing in the shower so I'll now post what I gathered from speaking with Brittany, its not much. Hopefully she'll fill in some blanks that I am still puzzled about.

She wanted to have kids with her husband Simon Monjack. She says he is worried that she's lonely up here but she says she isn't at all. She has a few old aunts to keep her company, she cocks her head back and laughs. She has met Marilyn Monroe  and has now started to wear her hair curly. She looks very happy, healthy and young. I keep on hearing the phrase "Brittany will be Brittany".

She says her marriage to Simon was real. He was the only man to have loved and made her feel comfortable in her own skin. They would have been together forever and regrets not starting a family sooner. Regarding acting she wanted to win an Academy award and knew she could have done it. She wants to come back as a black cat in another life.

For all those who are wondering how my process is: In this case my spirit guide is the one who relayed the  messages back and forth.  I can see and hear her facial expressions and body movements. Brittany loves to pause and reflect a lot and always answered with a smile.

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Anonymous said...

That is so sweet and adorable. I think she could've won an oscar as well, shes very talented. I am really happy to hear she is doing well. This gives me more hope on the after-life too. Thanks for this post :)