Monday, March 01, 2010

What's In The Stars For Holly Madison

I have been thinking about Hugh Hefner (His reading is in the works) and his gal pals but Holly Madison stands out to me even more than Kendra Wilkinson.  I see Holly dating an A-list actor later in the year but we should be seeing her with a new man in about 2 months.  There is still a connection between her and Hugh and playboy and she'll be doing a playboy spread or even getting back with him. I feel like Holly would like a serious relationship and motherhood but she won't get anywhere near marriage for at least 2 years, which actually isn't too far.  She'll be an older mom and will have first baby at 37. Holly isn't the most gorgeous of women but she's smart (and there is an illusion of beauty) so I hope she can branch off into a serious acting/hosting career. I do see her name in lights but she needs to act fast.

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