Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lindsay Lohan: To Be or Not To Be???

Celebs at the Chanel Fashion - Paris

I just find all this press about Lindsay Lohan on the verge of death so darn disturbing. I wish that she would just stop coming out of her house for awhile. She is not making her situation any better by feeding the paparazzis. I've done tons of Lindsay predictions and  I just want to say again that Lindsay will not die anytime soon. I see her in an interview in her 30s laughing all this stuff off and looking fairly healthy. Lindsay shares a fascination with Marilyn Monroe just like Anna Nicole Smith, whose death had some similarities to Marilyn's but I actually think Lindsay's life is mirroring Monroe's even more. All Lindsay needs is one good film to turn her life around but I'm afraid she will eventually suffer the same fate as Marilyn but it won't be occurring anytime soon. Stay tuned folks.....

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow, this is scary. I really like Lindsay & am both fascinated by her but also really saddened by what is coming of her life. I would really really really love for you to maybe post more predictions or details on when she may turn her career back around. Although, I am relieved she isn't going to die soon.. it scares me that you say she will die like Monroe. Please go more into details about her, and maybe an update on Britney? Thanks so much :) You're the best.