Monday, March 29, 2010

Celine Dion: Baby Woes

Celine Dion songs have been re-mix so many times by reggae artist that I no longer question or do a double take anytime I hear one of her songs blaring from souped up 1994 Honda Accord. Anyway I wasn't too sure how to do the intro since I don't play her music in my everyday life so don't pay me any mind.

I am getting that Celine Dion will become pregnant about 3 more times but she will not have the babies, she will miscarry. The fault doesn't completely lie in her but her husband Rene Angelil also has fertility issues. I am wondering now if Rene has ever had a vasectomy that might be to blame. Anyway I wish Celine would just give her body a rest and perhaps gain some healthy weight.  Her body is very tired.  I hope Celine and Rene come to the realization that they should have a surrogate carry their babies because Renee doesn't have much time (well he is older).  Let's send  them some good vibes and hopefully they will be expecting from a surrogate this year.

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