Sunday, February 14, 2010

Will Elizabeth Taylor Die This Year???

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I feel so bad for the headline but I think she's been one of those celebrities that psychics predict/forecast that will die each and every year but somehow she makes it through and laughs her little heart out on January 1st of each year.  I don't believe that Elizabeth Taylor will succumb to anything this year.  Taylor is one of those hip and young old folks who exercises their brain to ward off Alzheimer and all those other old age diseases.  I cannot see any headlines at all saying that she'll die this year. 

Regarding Michael Jackson I don't think she has seen his ghost or anything. I don't believe anyone has seen him. Michael is somewhere on another plane right now where his family and friends can barely feel him around them. Somehow it's as if he's still alive but I do believe he has fully passed over. 


Anonymous said...

You are not even predicting anything anymore - you seem to be guessing and not saying much - or saying what we have all heard on tv. What happened to you just doing regular psychic predictions. None of your recent posts seem to be predicting anything.

Celebpsychic Sanje said...

I do not guess with my readings.If I did I'd do about a zillion post a day. I am simply quelling fears that Elizabeth may die. I usually don't watch anything on TV except for reality shows and Maury Povich b/c I do try to take myself away from hearing about the latest thing a celeb is up to.

I think my readings have actually gotten stronger than when I first started but I will take what you have to say into account. Thanks for your comment and concerns very much.