Thursday, February 11, 2010

John and Elizabeth Edwards

It's always sad when a a couple who've been together for so many years break up. I strongly believe that John and Elizabeth Edwards had a deeply passionate relationship but then again it takes quite a a lot of passion for a married man to sleep with another woman without a condom. When the time is right we'll see John and his mistress Rielle Hunter together. He does not want to be lonely. I don't think he wanted to be separated from his wife but it was inevitable I guess. I do think this was John's first ever affair.  Will John marry Rielle? If he does he can kiss his political career goodbye for now of course because the public and the media are fickle. He'll marry her alright by September of this year. John will actually consider switching party affiliation and run for office in a conservative state.

Unfortunately  Elizabeth will  succumb to cancer in 3 years but not before finding love again. Good for her!

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