Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Hayden Panettiere's New Love

Update 5/17/2011: Hayden Penettiere and Wladimir Klitscko have broken up. The couple dated for two years. I want to say that some cheating was involved on Wladimir's part, but I also want to say that Hayden will be seen with a guy like really soon...too soon I must say and he will actually be in his 20's. He's an actor too. Oh no we might be seeing her with an ex again also...Milo...oh no!

How long will Wladimir Klitscko will be able to put up with Hayden Penettiere's emotional high maintainance? I feel as if she is jealous and controlling and Wladimir won't put up with it as long as Milo Ventimiglia. Wladimir is actually a good guy who might have been seduced into this relationship. I know that sounds funny but that's the way it happened. I honestly believe that he will do the right thing by staying by her side and possibly trying to change her they will be dating for quite a while. Me and my spirit guides are fighting cause they say 2 years and I say 3 months. I kind of loath Ms. Penettiere for some reason I don't know.

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